YWCA is active in 125 countries and impacts the lives of an estimated 25 million people in more than 22,000 communities around the world

YWCA Queensland is a vibrant, progressive women’s organisation with a vision to empower women and girls to ‘find their possible’ across three cornerstones of empowerment: Leadership, Economic Participation and Safety and Wellbeing.

We have been supporting Queensland women and girls since 1888. We are proudly part of the World YWCA, one of the world’s leading women-powered organisations. The World YWCA is a global membership movement of women who have been leading social, political and economic change for more than 150 years. 
YWCA Queensland is a membership organisation, and through our members we seek to create a community of women who share our values of equality and social justice. Our Board of Directors is elected by and from our membership.

Men are included in many of our programs, and in our staff team, and their involvement is welcomed and valued. An inclusive organisation, YWCA Queensland is strengthened by the diversity of its members, its staff and volunteers, and the people it serves.

YWCAs in Australia are merging

'YWCAs across Australia are working together to explore the possibility of becoming a single, unified entity, focusing on national scale but retaining a local focus to ensure Australia’s diverse communities of women continue to be well-served.

The potential new YWCA will focus on shared impact programs across Australia with advocacy for gender equality, young women's leadership, women's housing & homelessness services and respectful relationship education programs as their core focus.'

Participating YWCA organisations in Australia are committed to achieving a national merger by mid-2018. For news, updates and FAQ’s regarding the National Merger Project, visit the National Merger Project website