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Thank you YWCA!

I can’t express how grateful I am for my time with YWCA for providing me the opportunity to start work in Australia. 

I recently migrated from overseas and the biggest challenge for me is to find employment.  I’ve applied to numerous companies and organisations but all of them were looking for “local experience”.  I came across YWCA’s Business Administration Traineeship and immediately applied for it.  YWCA is the only organisation who gave me the chance so I can break the employment barrier that I’m facing.  Because of my job, I was able to support my family financially while we’re slowly transitioning to our new life in Australia.

I’ve gained valuable experiences and memories that made me more confident when I move on to my next job.  I highly recommend this traineeship to women who are facing different employment barriers whether it be your age, skills, cultural background or disabilities.  Whoever you are, they will help you to find your possible.  

Thank you YWCA for believing in my experiences and skills, for believing that even though I lack local experience I still can excel, for believing that I am worthy to be hired.  Thank you for helping me find my own possible.

Please donate and help us to continue to support women struggling to find employment in our local community