I have found my possible!

I remember when I arrived from volunteering service overseas, no one would process my application through to getting a job. Slowly the confidence I once had, slipped between my fingers and I started looking at the world as if there was no promised light at the end of the tunnel. That is where an opportunity came from YWCA to train under them to ‘Find my possible’.

It has been a pleasure working at YWCA Queensland where I definitely foresaw the vision of empowering women and ‘Finding my possible’ come from words into reality. I am a living testament that this program really does help people like me who did not feel equipped enough to make the ‘world my oyster’. If it weren’t for this organisation, I would’ve never secured my future employment in the government, nor have gained the skills necessary to be employable.

The program had offered workshops that improved the quality of my professional and personal life management, and also helped me to build my network with people I never thought I would ever connect with. Through this I gained confidence in pushing through with applying for employment despite the hardships that came my way during it.

Thank you YWCA for letting me in and moulding me into a confident woman when no one else opened the door to give me a chance to show them what I’ve got. I will always treasure the memories spent and skills gained through the constant encouragement and support you did not fail to think twice about. This is what it means to ‘find my possible’. I recommend women of all backgrounds to take this opportunity to learn and grow with an organisation such as YWCA to become whoever they want to be. It can turn from dream into reality. 

My name is Lina, starting my new employment with the Queensland Government undertaking another traineeship in the Training Executive Correspondence Unit – Office of the Deputy Director General, Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, and I have found my possible.


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