I love working for YWCA!

My name is Maureen. I've worked for YWCA for just over a year, initially to manage our employment programs in Brisbane and now on a variety of projects including Queensland Women's Week, various events and engagement initiatives.

I would say my path to feminism wasn't quite as direct as I would've liked, until recently I'd understood it to be a negative word used only by the most extreme. It was my transition to not for profit work with a homelessness charity that transformed my thinking around equality, how we perceive and treat others and how transformative empowerment can be. I realised how strongly I believed in equal rights for all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, ability or sexual orientation and I wanted to contribute to an organisation that proactively campaigned for this social change.

I remember applying for my role and thinking this is EXACTLY where I want to be, and not for one day have I ever looked back. Every day I have the chance to impact women and girls across Queensland, whether it be through training, supportive conversations, or the much needed behind the scenes work that enables the many programs and services we run each day. More importantly, I am surrounded by incredibly fierce, resiliant and hard working women who empower me everyday to push harder and strive further.

Not many can truly say that they work with a team and for an organisaiton that wholeheartedly supports you both personally and professionally, and I believe I can. Personally, my family has struggled through many challenges in the last 12 months and where other organisations may have turned thier backs, YWCA's leadership team was there offering support every step of the way. 

I'm proud to be a part of a local, national and global community and highly recommend everyone to get involved and support our cause in any way you can, whether it be donating, coming to our events or volunteering. I promise that you will get so much more from the experience than you will ever be able to give.

Donate now and help us to facilitate more programs and services that support and empower women