YWCA Membership

Becoming a member of YWCA Queensland also means belonging to the global YWCA community, one of the world’s largest women’s organisation impacting tens of millions of women and girls all over the world. As a member of YWCA Queensland you have the opportunity to:

    • Attend national and international gatherings on the advancement of women
    • Develop yourself as a leader in your community
    • Share your skills (eg. as a volunteer, mentor or speaker)
    • Meet other socially conscious women
    • Have a voice in women’s issues at state, federal and international levels
    • Enjoy discounted tickets to our events
    • Receive our regular digest of global women's news
    • Apply for member-only opportunities (eg. World YWCA internships in Geneva, Switzerland)

    Now for a limited time only, YWCA is offering all women the opportunity to join the vibrant YWCA Queensland community for free. Please fill in your details below and submit to become a member. 

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    A voting member is a woman or woman identifying aged 18 years and over.
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