YWCA has been my biggest support in Australia!


My name is Ronza, I am from Syria. Moving to Australia was an enormous life event for me. I remember feeling two main emotions on the plane ride over, excitement and sadness. On one hand I was excited to start a new beginning with new opportunities but on the other hand, sadness because my family weren’t able to come with me. I remember imagining how my life would change from living in a dangerous country where I am unable to achieve my ambitions, to living in a safe country that has so many opportunities. In Syria, women do not have rights and are second to men, meaning that my opportunities were limited, and my life had already been mapped out for me. I was never happy with this. I wanted to move to Australia, a place where women can do anything because they had equal rights to men. I knew this would be one of the hardest decisions in my life, but I needed to try and make a better life for myself and bring my family over. 

Once I had arrived in Australia, I instantly felt how different it was to Syria and I felt overwhelmed with all of the things I realised that I needed to learn. I was in a place that I had no family or friends, and I had no idea where I could get the support I needed to do basic activities, such as cook a Syrian meal to help ease the culture shock. It had been three months before I came across the employment program at YWCA, which appealed to me because of the opportunity to gain a qualification to begin my new life in this new country. 

My journey in Australia truly began once I started the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program. It has been much more than textbook learning and the qualifications that have come from it. For me, I believe you can’t put a value on the support, encouragement, friends and advice that has come out of this. This traineeship gave me the tools I needed to discover what pathway I needed to pave for my future. 

I feel so proud to have had the opportunity to improve myself at YWCA by practicing my English, getting many experiences in various domains, and developing myself professional and personally. By receiving care and support from our Supervisor and Mentors there, I've now moved on to studying a Diploma in Human Resources, while volunteering at a local hospital and hope one day to be a HR Manager in Australia.

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