YWCA Trailblazer Awards recognise women’s leadership in communities across Queensland.

These awards will honour women who are the magic makers, the game changers and the change-makers.

Many awards focused on the achievements of women, operate around “women in” thinking, which recognises the contribution of women to speci c industries or professional outcomes. YWCA Queensland seeks to create a community of women who share our values of equality and social justice and to value women who embody the values and characteristics which we see as central to the ethos of YWCA – regardless of her professional status, industry, life and lifestyle choices or political values.

The YWCA Trailblazer Awards recognise those women who make a visible difference to the lives of others and their communities, those who see something that needs to be done and take the initiative to make positive change happen.













About Us

YWCA Queensland is a vibrant, progressive women’s organisation with a mission to empower women and girls to ' nd their possible' across three pillars of empowerment:

Leadership, Economic Participation and Safety.

We have been supporting Queensland women since 1888 as part of a national and global YWCA network, one of the oldest and largest women’s movements which has been leading social, political and economic change for more than 150 years.



WOW Festival

The WOW Festival 2018 will be held at the Brisbane Powerhouse on the second weekend in April (6-8th April) as part of Festival 2018, the statewide cultural program associated with the Commonwealth Games. It will be the first WOW Festival dedicated to the 52 Commonwealth countries, showcasing the extraordinary diversity of Commonwealth cultures and traditions

What is WOW?

WOW - Women of the World, is a global force supporting women and girls, action and change. Aimed at girls, boys, women and men, WOW celebrates women’s and girls' achievements and takes a frank look at the lives of women and girls and the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential. More than one million participants have been involved to date, making WOW one of the biggest movements of women and girls in the world.

The Event

An associated event of the WOW Festival, YWCA Queensland's TrailBlazers Awards 2018 will be held on Wednesday, 4th April at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

XXpm arrival for a XXpm start

Drinks and Canapes provided


Trailblazer Award Category Sponsor

We are seeking support from businesses, individuals and industry to select and sponsor an award where there you see a match between your business or individual aspirations and the nature of the award. If you are a technology manufacturer, you may want to support “Originality”. If your organisation has a value of bravery and speaking up, you may wish to support “Courage”. 


Major Sponor

We are also seeking support for travel and accommodation for our shortlisted candidates from regional centres to travel to Brisbane and stay overnight for the award presentation.


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