Three Cornerstones of Empowerment

YWCA Queensland believes the best way to empower women of the future is by focusing on three cornerstones of empowerment; Safety and Wellbeing, Economic Participation and Women’s Leadership.  

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Safety & Wellbeing 

While the activities of YWCAs everywhere vary according to local needs, the YWCA has always been – and will continue to be – in the business of women’s safety: physical safety, sexual safety, choice, online safety, the safety to express opinions, needs and aspirations. 

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Economic Participation

We know that financial independence is central to women’s empowerment and wellbeing and that, conversely, financial insecurity is a key contributor to poverty, homelessness, risk of abuse and violence against women.

So this part of our work centres on ensuring women have the skills and knowledge they need to gain employment and participate in the economic, social and civic life of their communities.

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Women’s Leadership

The world is a better place where women are involved in the decision-making. At YWCA Queensland, developing and promoting women as leaders in all spheres of activity is in our DNA.

All around the world, influential women have learnt valuable leadership lessons through their involvement with the YWCA.


YWCA Queensland is committed to continual development of programs that meet the needs of women and young girls.

We work with organisations including TAFE and universities to create innovative programs that will support women throughout their careers and lives.

Why YWCA Provides Programs and Essential Services