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Trailblazers Awards

YWCA Queensland is thrilled to launch our Trailblazers Awards which recognises women's leadership in communities across Queensland. These awards will honour women who are the magic makers, the game changers and the change-makers.

Many awards focused on the achievements of women, operate around “women in” thinking, which recognises the contribution of women to speci c industries or professional outcomes. YWCA Queensland seeks to create a community of women who share our values of equality and social justice and to value women who embody the values and characteristics which we see as central to the ethos of YWCA – regardless of her professional status, industry, life and lifestyle choices or political values.

The YWCA Trailblazer Awards recognise those women who make a visible difference to the lives of others and their communities, those who see something that needs to be done and take the initiative to make positive change happen.

The Trailblazer Awards categories are as follows: 


  • Wisdom
  • Influence
  • Discovery
  • Humanity
  • Honour
  • Courage
  • Vision
  • Originality
  • Inspiration
  • Learning

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Business Blocks

Business Blocks is an educational program and awareness-raising campaign providing tools and resources to build basic business skills as well as a strong message on the importance of the development of an entrepreneurial mindset, all targeted to young women aged up to 30 years. The program is designed to encourage young women to challenge themselves in the generation of innovative ideas, create opportunities for women to set up their own businesses and enable young women to spot, assess and seize an opportunity in the business world.

Business Blocks has been conceived as a joint initiative of YWCA Queensland and the Department of Tourism, Major Events and Small Business specifically to contribute to the Office of Small Business’s Advancing Women in Business initiative. 

We are looking for mentors and participants for this unique program.

For more information about Business Blocks download the program outline below or contact us today. 

Program Outline - Toowoomba

Program Outline - Mackay

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FreeSpace is a new forum for young women to engage in critical debate about the role of women, of modern feminism and on how to tackle issues of gender equality in their professional and personal lives.

We are looking for ten exceptional young women [between the ages of 25-35 years old], to kickstart the FreeSpace project in Queensland. We are looking for women who:

  • Are not afraid to have their voices heard

  • Who are keen to support and empower other young women

  • Will collaborate in creating and running discussion groups and events around crucial issues facing young women in their industries

  • Work together to raise the profile of the YWCA’s women’s leadership programs

  • Engage and inform their workplace, community and friends in debate and discussion

In return for your passion and support, YWCA Queensland will:

  • Assist you in developing your own Board and not-for-profit portfolio experience through participation in the ongoing development and design of FreeSpace as a leading forum for young women in Queensland and providing high-level management experience and input

  • Support you in raising your public profile in the gender equality debate through contribution to our blog and panel opportunities

  • Enable you to build networks and connections within the YWCA Queensland and with our supporters

If you would like to join this fabulous initiative or know of a woman who would be interested in joining, please contact us.

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10 Reasons Y

YWCA Queensland has recently articulated 10 core values and purposes behind what we do.