Y Women Stories

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For April 24th, World YWCA Day, we asked our staff, clients and supporters to find thier voice and share their story with us.
Each story (and the woman behind it) is unique and powerful in their own right.
We're incredibly proud to be able to share with you, the stories of the Y Women.



Ronza tell us what it was like to move across the world, from War torn Syria to Australia, for a better life...

Read Ronza's story



Czarina shares her challenges in finding employment without 'local experience' and how YWCA helped her to provide for her family...

Read Czarina's story



Maureen shares how working for a feminist organisation has changed her career path for the better

Read Maureen's story

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Esperance shares how working for YWCA changed her life

Listen to Esperance's story


Lina shares how hard it was to find employment after volunteering in South Korea for 18 months...

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Given shares her experiences with three of the programs YWCA runs and how  YWCA isn't just an organisation she works for, it is her home.

Listen to Given share her story

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Oscar shares with us how the Y has helped her transform her life and become a more positive person

Listen to Oscar share her story


Previously a stay at home mum, Amita shares how YWCA has played a big part in helping her to gain the skills and experience she needs to find future employment and equally contribute financially to her household

Read Amita's story



Brydie first started losing her long blonde hair, part of her identity at aged 11. She kindly shares with us exactly what this is like

Hear Brydie's Story

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